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Step Two: Listen to Your Lawyer

Your child's chances of going home increase if he or she cooperates with their lawyer. He or she is also more likely to get a lighter sentence if they are sentenced.  No matter what, doing what your lawyer says can only help.

Step Three: Behave

Now is not the time for your child to get in more trouble. Your plate is full. Make sure your child is on their absolute best behavior. If this means grounding your child and watching them 24/7, so be it. You want to beat this.

Step Four: Get Your Child Help

Your child may need extra support. If your child has any psychological problems, we have experience working with psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists on juvenile cases. If your child has a drug problem we can also work with you to get you the help you need. I can advise you on what to do or go here for online legal resources.


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